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What We Offer

Quality Care


Talk with a Registered Nurse about your health needs to develop a comprehensive health plan that best serves their medical needs whether that is through patient advocacy, post hospital care, in home wellness support, respite care, medication assistance or other services. We are pleased to offer your first initial 30 min consultation free of charge! Additional consultations and nursing assessment planning starts at $25/hr for Caring Hands registered nurse care.

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Respite Care

We know and understand that those caring for loved ones need self care as well.  We respect the care for the caregivers and ensure your loved one in taken care of. Caring Hands provides short term care for seniors only needing help a short period of time, whether that is for a day or a month. We are happy to help! Fees start at $30/hr Caring Hands registered nurse care.

In Home Wellness Support

Here at Caring Hands we are all about empowering seniors through a personalized plan. As part of our your plan, we will come to your home or current location to provide general medical services such as periodic vital monitoring. We also provide education to you and your family on everything from proper vital signs techniques to oxygen monitoring, glucose monitoring, and so much more! Fees start at $30/hr Caring Hands registered nurse care.

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Old and Young

Post Hospital Care

Post surgery recovery can be both scary and stressful. At Caring Hands, we strive to reduce the stress of post surgery recovery and post surgery risks by providing seamless in home care for the client. We work closely with your doctor and hospital to ensure that we provide a smooth transmission from the hospital and that we provide all medical services required for recovery from your hospital procedures. Fees start at $30/hr Caring Hands registered nurse care.

Patient Advocate

Understanding and interpreting diagnoses, test results, and healthcare options can be confusing and overwhelming. Let Caring Hands walk alongside of you as you navigate these complicated and difficult healthcare decisions. We provide education, help interpret results and diagnoses, and we help you ask the questions you need to make the best decision and get the care you need. Fees start at $30/hr Caring Hands registered nurse care.

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